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When i took the Desert Rose Couture project i didn’t have any idea that is going to turn out such an amazing experience. Saying that i loved photographing commercial work does not even come close to how i felt. I felt like it was myself, a true artist at work and loving it. Amazing people joined in and made this work. First of all all the credit goes to my wonderful hubby who pulled double shift on taking care of our blessings. Let’s face it, it is quite hard to run a business like this and have a family (only a photographer would fully understand that ) and if you do not have an amazing supportive spouse like i have been blessed to have, you are forced to quit and can not fully make it because it take a long time until you actually are established. He is the best asset of my business and i thank God every day for him.

Let’s talk about Simona Vigh, the hair stylist: that girl knows hair and how to make it work and what i am looking for. If you guys want to hire her do not hesitate, you will not be sorry.

Then there is Elida Ticula that joined in for the bridal collection because she could not stand it staying at home editing and getting bored with a huge headache from not sleeping in the last 24 hrs  while i have all the fun all by myself. She is an amazing wedding photographer , if you are getting married, she is your girl!

Last but not least there is our model. Wow isn’t she a beautiful girl? Her kindness can be read on her face.



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Jenn Gorgeous!
Elle These are fantastic! I had a blast, thanks for letting me in on the fun!
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