Oh, what a wonderful time i had at this Engagement party. The decor was absolutely stunning and everything came together  beautiful. The music was nice, the atmosphere was relaxing and full of  laughter while Ligia and Dave shared with us their story , their brothers and sisters had a few nice words for the couple, and also the parents.

Ligia and Dave are just made for each other! She is absolutely a gorgeous girl inside and out. You can only admire her patience and her dedication in everything she does and for the Lord. She is a Sunday school teacher, very involved in youth ministries in out church, she volunteers at the camp every year, she is also almost done with her college. Not sure if she can cook yet but she bakes divine (personal experience) !  Wow my brother in law is a lucky guy!!!  …and Dave…he is just adorable to watch being beyond in love with this girl.

They had their party on 11.11.2011 which is Veteran’s Day. You see,  i met Dave 6 years ago  when he came back from the Army.  He is a  Sargent and did many tours in Iraq and S. Korea and that build in him such a great character. He will make a great family man and i am so happy that he found this absolutely amazing girl to spend his entire life with.

I wish i could add all the images so you feel like you were there, but i will only have to add a few! I do have the color version also but i just love the way Black & White looks like!!

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amy love the pic. you guys are a gorgeous couple. GBU you guys