Attorney Shannon Smith

I have met Attorney Shannon Smith a few years ago when I first  photographed her Law Firm and little did I know back then that she will become one of the most amazing women that I look up to and a dear friend.

If you never met Shannon, your impression will vary in the context that you are meeting her. When she is with her family or close friends you will see the kind, caring and huge heart  that wants you to succed and she will be there for you no matter what,  you can not be around Shannon and not have the time of your life. Full of positive energy and attitude,  Shannon impacts every person around her.

When you meet Shannon while at work or in court she is like a  striking thunderstorm and you should not want to be on the opposite side of her in court. She defends some of the toughest cases you hear about it. One story that touched my heart was when two amazing parents took their child home after their battle with Child Protective.  Being a mother of 3 myself I can not imagine going through something like this and thanks heaven for powerful women like Shannon to be defending you in moments like this.