The most powerful image i took this year

I spent the last 3 week at camp and it changed me,  empowered me,  gave me strength and hope.  I have documented almost on a daily basis everything that is going on in the camp but this is the most powerful image i took.

….because of what it means, because i was crying when i photographed this and i was touched deep to my soul. This  image will remind me forever what passion, sacrifice, patience, love and humbleness means.

Fr. Grigore, the founder of Camp Emanuel, a christian camp that changes lives. The passion he has for this mission is like fire. This is a man of passion and determination. I watched him  every day even at his age (almost 60- don’t tell him i said it- it’s his secret) keeping up with our young and full of energy children leading them with strong arms towards the Lord,  praying with and for them, patiently answering their every question and helping them in their struggle.Watching him giving all he has for our children is life changing. He would go to bed after everyone was down and he woke up before everyone else, he missed  meals during the day so he can be  present if someone needs him and so he can watch carefully over the kids, he made sure they found at camp a place where they can see and feel our Lord and a place where you can get a direction for your life as a young child.

On the last day, i left late at night from camp and i saw Fr. Grigore on his knees. I stopped the car and he seemed to not have seen me. I took this image and i went closer to listen, …. he was crying and thanking the Lord for the last 3 weeks of  His work,  for all the changed lives that left camp and he was praying and asking for the blessing over everyone that was at the camp. This was his prayer,  the man that dedicated his last 3 weeks for our children, the man who worked an entire year  and sacrificed his own comfort to sponsor out of his own pocket many kids that come to camp and the man who almost lost his job so he can be present  and work on the field that God called him…and he does it all because he was called to look over the new generation of people, he was called to make sure our children find a place where they can be unplugged from all the technology and the world and be able to  focus on the Lord.

Next time you see him, please give him a big hug and thank him for everything he does!!