My maternity photoshoot

I am so beyond blessed to have around me super talented friends. This is our third baby and god is blessing us with a baby girl after two boys. Honestly i thought i was going to be having 7 -10 boys before i get a girl so i just gave up at hopping and let it all in the Lords hands. In September my three super talented friends blessed me with a maternity shoot, Elida Ticula  my beautiful and talented friend photographed me,  amazing hair for the windy day by Simona Vigh and beautiful make-up by Emily Gordon and i could not be more grateful for it.

That day was a roller coaster of  emotions. First thing in the morning I found out that our baby will be a girl,  not even minutes later that she might have heart problems which shattered my heart to pieces. After a specialist test a few days later she is super healthy, praise God . On my way back i could barely drive and wanted to cancel the shoot. The girls convinced me that either way i will regret it and regardless how i am feeling and the outcome will be, I will regret not doing the photoshoot.  My heart was blessed that day and the love i got from everyone was encouraging and strengthening. You guys did a fantastic job and now i do have beautiful beautiful memories of me being pregnant with my sweet little girl! Thank you from he bottom of my heart!

EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-103 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-120 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-132 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-1 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-3 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-7 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-10 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-16 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-29 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-35 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-60 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-67 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-78 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-93 EmmaBurcusel_MaternityPortraits_2014ETP-96