Hello beautiful and intelligent friends! My name is Emma Burcusel, and I am a branding and headshot photographer in the unique state of Michigan. I will be honored to photograph you for your headshots and branding photographs at the Leadership Experience Tour very soon. You can see my work on my website at www.emmaburcusel.com and my Instagram at Emma Burcusel Photographer.

Your online impression is the First Impression of our days. Remember when our parents taught us that the first impression is the most important? Let’s make sure that we will leave an unforgettable first impression on anyone that sees us in the online world. You have been preparing yourself for the last few months to be here at the Leadership Experience Tour, and this must be a significant step you took because The Leadership Experience will provide you with marketing materials that you need to propel yourself to a whole new level as a public speaker and influencer. You MUST look the part. You don’t have to wear a 2.000 dollar suit or dress to feel and look more important. The key is to look professional, modern but NOT trendy. Remember that the focus should be on what you say and not on what you are wearing. Just because we look impressive in a gorgeous textured and bold-colored outfit, it does not mean it will serve us well on a public stage. However, the right outfit will boost us our confidence and attitude. People love to work with people they know, like, and trust, and approachability and professionalism should exude from our look, attitude, and demeanor. Also, understanding your audience plays a huge role. If you are a public speaker speaking to youth, your outfit should be something they can respect and look up to and relatable to them.

On the contrary, if you are a corporate leadership speaker, it might be harder to be taken seriously in a bold yellow gown or wearing sneakers. You might want to consider a modern and respectable suit. Each industry has its standards when it comes to dressing. Lookup a few ideas and put a modern and personal spin on them. Think of who you want to be in 3-5 years and dress for that! Also, comfort should play a role that is considered in your outfit choice. You need to be able to regulate your breathing when speaking, especially In a smaller room during a hot summer, and a tight corset or shoes that are half size smaller might be distracting you. Don’t wear stuff that’s too loose or too tight.

A great pair of quality Spanx in your proper size is going to provide you with a good base for any outfit. Mature women fabrics!! I can not talk about this with more passion. Spandex is not something I would encourage unless you are under 17 years old. It clings to you; it is see-through in the camera ( yes, because of the intense lights, everything will be accentuated, and we can see through spandex). I wore a beautiful black top photographing a wedding at the beginning of my career. You know, the kind that stretches so I can be comfortable but also had some beautiful beading. Because of the strong lights, I can see my undergarments in all the behind the scene images in my client’s photos that I happen to be in. After this, I fell in love with grown women’s fabrics. Real fabrics are made for professional women like myself.

Don’t give people the chance to stare at your super tight dress or sheer outfit! Your outfit should be appropriately fitted to your size. When it comes to color, be bold and daring, so people remember you. Nothing is more boring than wearing a black suit with a white top. Add some personal touches so that people can recognize you easier. Jewel solid color tones always photograph beautifully and help you stand out. Blue, green, purple, red, etc. I have seen some of my favorite women’s styles on stage on Michelle Obama. She dresses for her body audience, respectable but also modern and chic. It is pleasing to the eye. Dressing like lady Gaga (as cool, awesome, and amazing as she is) will only show how much you want to impress your audience and get their attention towards you, not serve them.

Please stay away from patterns!! When on stage, the viewer needs to concentrate on your personality and your speech. Patterns will distract the eye and make it wander all over the screen. When in doubt, choose a solid color! Avoid big and noisy accessories, such as big earrings and necklaces, or noisy bracelets unless this is your absolutely must personality choice. Sometimes having noisy accessories will mess with the microphone. If all fails and you feel overwhelmed, try searching Pinterest for your most respected speakers and women of value. Create a board and get inspired!